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Corporate Profile

JATI rice is very much synonymous with its producer Serba Wangi Sdn Bhd. Our Company started its operation in 1993, and has become one of the nation’s leading rice millers and wholesalers focusing on the rice business. The business covers an extensive scale of activities ranging from milling, processing, packaging to the distribution of various rice and rice products under flagship brand JATI.

Compelling products that have been associated with the JATI brand come in the form of various renowned household names like Kapal Layar, Carnation, Songhe Noble Pine Crane, S. Wangi, Fres-Harves and Jati Signature. ecoBrown’s is the Company’s health rice series and has earned a place among health conscious consumers.

Realizing the need to strengthen its marketing strategies, our Company has realigned its position through joint venture undertakings with Padiberas National Berhad to consolidate its market share and secure consumers’ loyalty. Our Company’s headquarters are located at Bukit Raya, Pendang, and it operates its business entity right in the heart of the “Rice Bowl” of Malaysia, wherein lie the fertile regions of the State of Kedah Darul Aman.