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Job Opportunities

Join us to bring out the best in you!

Our people are our greatest assets. We have a diversity of talents and we focus to assist the growth of your career developments. Choose wise, choose us. Together we will work to further establish a company of loyal and reliable brands.

Job Description

  • * Well versed with current Malaysia Labour Laws and practices.
  • * Able to liaise with supervisors to convey effectively directives of the management and to monitor their implementation.
  • * Able to interact with all levels of employees resolving grievances and counselling.
  • * Preparing letters including disciplinary and other standard letters, job offer letters, memo, and any other ad hoc letters.
  • * Responsible for daily HR activities such as manage time attendance system including update leave record, overtime, medical claim, supply PPEs to employees, arrange FW to clinic etc. 
  • * Monitor employee attendance and overtime activities performed. 
  • * Monitor contract expiry dates of workers, preparation of contract renewal document and conduct work performance evaluation together with supervisors and the workers concerned followed by issue new contract. 
  • * Monitor records and ensure renewal of typhoid injection fro food handles and arrange for food handling training for relevant employees.
  • * Assist in developing HR policies and procedure and ensure employees understand and comply with them.
  • * Preparation of purchase orders, and maintain stationary or PPEs supplies etc. 
  • * Routine procurement of uniforms for employee including branches and ensure uniforms are made as per specifications laid down and distributed accordingly.
  • * Monitor and renew the permits of various Government agencies relevant to the industry.
  • * To sit as secretary in various committees as directed and to take minutes during meetings.
  • * Responsible in recruitment process including posting ads, candidate screening, interview etc.
  • * Responsible for employee compensation claims such as socso claim, investigation report etc. 
  • * Monitor contractors' contract due date, and preparing for new contract. 
  • * Assist in payroll preparation, including monthly employee attendance report, calculate contractors' payment, employees' commission, advance. 
  • * Process employees' medical claims. 
  • * Support and assists any other ad hoc HR activities or as directed by the Management from time to time.


  • * Minimum Higher Secondary or Diploma or Degree in Human Resource Management or equivalent.
  • * Good in MS Excel especially Advanced Excel and MS Word.
  • * Written and spoken English, Bahasa Malaysia & Mandarin.
  • * Initiative, independent, and able to work under minimum supervision.
  • * Fresh graduate are encouraged to apply.

Work Location:

  • Pendang, Kedah

We offer an attractive renumeration package and great company benefits. If you are interested, please contact Ms How 04-7596620 or send your resume to .


  • * Monitor and control processes using visual observation and process data.
  • * Maintain production equipment and machines properly.
  • * Perform equipment set up, as well as machine and equipment adjustment.
  • * To ensure the operator safety, product quality and machine efficiency by routine
  • * Identify and debug problems in processes, equipment and machine
  • * Do autonomous maintenance / minor preventive maintenance
  • * To perform any other tasks and assignments as directed by the management from time to time



  • * Minimum Diploma/Professional Certificate in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic, Electrical and Electronic or equivalent.
  • * Fresh graduated are welcome.


Bukit Lada, Kedah

We offer an attractive renumeration package and great company benefits. If you are interested, please contact Miss Koy - 0175774620 or send your resume to


  • * Overseeing the loading and offloading of goods.
  • * Inspecting and cleaning the vehicle.
  • * Safely transporting goods to and from distribution centers.
  • * Obeying the rules of the road and following company safety regulations.
  • * Maintaining a good relationship with customers.


  • * Obtains GDL/E license
  • * Valid Certificate of Professional Confidence (CPC).
  • * Clean driving record.
  • * Self-motivated and able to work without supervision.
  • * Benefits: EPF, Socso/medical claim/annual leave/monthly loan


Selangor/Kuala Lumpur

We offer an attractive renumeration package and great company benefits. If you are interested, please send your resume to or contact 03-60936620.


  • * Maintain filing system as set by management
  • * Support Administrative issues like Answering phone, Copying, Scanning, Printing and Binding the documents
  • * Handle office clerical and general duties in office.
  • * Maintain proper filling system and preparing DO, PO, Invoices documentations internally and externally.
  • * Ability to multi-task and have strong attention to detail.
  • * Work independently with minimal supervision
  • * Pleasant personality with good work ethics


  • * 2 years of relevant working experience in the same industry
  • * Meticulous, multitask, committed and able to work independently.
  • * Computer literate in Microsoft Office and Excel
    Education Background: Minimum education level - SPM Certificate



We offer an attractive renumeration package and great company benefits. If you are interested, please send your resume to .

Skop Kerja

  • * Bertanggungjawab dan sentiasa bersedia untuk menghantar Pengarah Syarikat menghadiri urusan kerja dan peribadi.
  • * Bertanggungjawab ke atas penyelenggaraan kenderaan, menghantar kereta untuk servis dan pembaikan kereta.
  • *  Bertanggungjawab untuk memcuci dan membersihkan kenderaan dan memastikan kenderaan sentiasa dalam keadaan bersih dan selesa.
  • * Untuk melaksanakan apa-apa tugas / tanggungjawab ad hoc lain yang diarahkan oleh pihak atasan dari semasa ke semasa.
    kelayakan / syarat-syarat
  • * Sekurang-kurangnya mempunyai 2 tahun pengalaman kerja sebagai pemandu kepada pengarah syarikat.
  • * Memiliki lesen memandu (Kelas D) yang sah dengan rekod pemanduan yang bersih.
  • * Mahir dalam pengunaan aplikasi peta jalan seprti Waze, Google Maps dan mahir jalan di sekitar Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur.
  • * Kejujuran dan integriti adalah sifat peribadi yang penting yang diperlukan untuk jawatan ini.
  • * Sentiasa memandu secara berhemah dan mematuhi hadlaju yang ditetapkan.
  • * Berdisiplin, amanah dan bertanggungjawab dalam menjalankan kerja.
  • * Dilarang merokok atau mengambil dadah terlarang / alkohol di dalam kenderaa atau semasa memandu.
  • * Sanggup kerja lebih masa dan ke outstation

Tempat Kerja:

  • Alor Setar, Kedah
  • Selangor


We offer an attractive renumeration package and great company benefits. If you are interested, please contact Ms How 04-7596620 or send your resume to .